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How to get a Planted Flower in Merge Mansion

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The Merge Mansion presents a diverse set of items that players must create by merging with Maddie's old family mansion, which has fallen into disrepair.

Gamers can obtain items by merging; a few are also given out as drops from existing objects, which can sometimes be perplexing.Players are frequently overwhelmed when one of their tasks requires items such as Planted Flowers.

One reason for this confusion is that collecting them from the ground up may feel time-consuming.While the process is slightly longer, we have broken it down into small chunks in the following section for you to quickly get the item in the Merge Mansion.You will receive Planted Flowers as a drop from the Blossoming Bush in the Merge Mansion; however, Bush must be at least level five.Each of these bushes has a recharge time of about 60 minutes.

The number of drops and the level can vary from Planted Flower Seed to Bud depending on the Level of the Blossoming Bush. Furthermore, the recharge stack also varies from five to eight.Once you have your hands on the Planted Flower, you may merge it depending on the tasks' requirements.

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