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How Stray Gods is turning an RPG into a musical

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"A roleplaying musical? How does that work?" That was my primary question during PAX West 2022 as I met with David Gaider, former lead writer of the Dragon Age series, to discuss his new project.

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical has a familiar format to fans of Gaider’s prior work, but the concept can be hard to wrap your head around at a glance.

A song, after all, is typically more structured than most written dialogue. And that rigidity doesn’t lend itself to the spontaneity of player participation.

So what does such an unconventional premise look like in practice? It turned out that not only was Stray Gods surprisingly functional, but it had some lessons for other developers wanting to play around with the classic musical genre.The idea for Stray Gods came while Gaider was still working at Bioware.

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