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"How breaded do you think the Sidemen are?" - Zerkaa talks about Sidemen buying a football club

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UK YouTube group Sidemen member and Twitch streamer Josh "Zerkaa" recently gave an interesting take on the group potentially buying a football club.For context, a fan asked Josh if the Sidemen could buy Everton F.C., a club that is up for sale for a whopping price of over £500 million.

In response, Jose stated:Sidemen reported a collective net worth of around £44 million, which is about £450 million short of what the Premier League club is going for.

Zerkaa, however, suggested that even if they were to buy a club, it would be someone like Millwall F.C, which is a London-based second tier team in the UK.GTA streamer Zerkaa, or Josh, as he is called, gave his take on the Sidemen buying an actual football club.

Despite being extremely popular and having millions of pounds in their bank accounts, the members will be well short of the asking price of any of the clubs in the first two tiers (Premier League and the Championship) of English football.When asked if they would buy Everton, Josh responded by stating that Millwall would be a more feasible target due to the location and also the price:(Timestamp: 00:09:43)He continued:He further mulled over the business opportunities buying Millwall would bring:Despite being a distant possibility, as of now at least, Sidemen fans took to the comments section to fantasize about the possibility of buying a football club.

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