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Hot Drop: Apex Legends' The Broken Ghost Quest Has Found A Potential Successor In IMC Armories

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Hot Drop is GameSpot's weekly Apex Legends column, in which Jordan Ramée takes a closer look at Respawn's battle royale to provide additional insight into the game's evolution, as well as dive deeper into its episodic storytelling and characters.

We are now two years out from the best thing to happen to Apex Legends: the introduction of Quest. The new story-focused mode kicked off in May 2020 with Season 5: Fortune's Favor.

Its first storyline was called The Broken Ghost, and it was fantastic. Even two years later, no questline has been quite as compelling, and Respawn hasn't found a suitable successor for it in the seasons since.

That is, until Season 13: Saviors. This new season adds IMC Armories to Storm Point--these armories provide a way for squads to engage in PvE combat against Spectres in order to earn better loot.

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