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Here's What Super Mario 64 Would Look Like As A First-Person Horror Game

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Someone has made a first-person horror game inspired by Super Mario 64. As you'd expect from one of the most influential and popular games of all time, Super Mario 64 has been the basis for tons of fan-made mods over the years.

Although you might think that you've seen it turned into pretty much everything at this point, the latest twist on the formula is something completely different - a first-person horror game.

Related: Mythical Pokemon Are A Game Changer For Competitive Pokemon VGC As shown off by YouTuber AlphaBetaGamer, the short horror experience, titled Another Princess Is In Our Castle, was made by CM9_Animation.

The description of the demo sets up the plot, "You play as Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. You decide to come back to Peach's castle a few years after the princess' death, but something isn't quite right".

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