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Guide to jungle pathing in League of Legends Season 13

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The ever-evolving jungle role in League of Legends has once again received several significant changes as of pre-season 2023.

Riot Games has changed the scuttle crab and monster health and has introduced jungle pets, all of which have contributed towards altering the way the jungle role is played.These changes have made a significant impact on jungle pathing as well.

Hence, this article provides a brief guide regarding the most optimal jungle pathing for pre-season 2023 and, thereby, season 13.One of the most significant improvements that the jungle role has received as of season 13 is that it is much more accessible to many players.

It is a much easier role to understand now than it was previously. Apart from that, it is less punishing as jungle invasions have been significantly nerfed.One of the critical facets that differentiate the jungle role in League of Legends season 13 from the others is the associated champion pool.

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