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Giant LEGO Elden Ring build recreates the Walking Mausoleum

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A giant fan-made LEGO Elden Ring build recreates the Walking Mausoleum living structure from the RPG game. While most players are still working on honing their in-game Elden Ring builds, one FromSoftware fan had a rather different type of build in mind.

The incredible LEGO structure is based on the wandering mausoleums that lumber around the open-world game’s vast plains. Creator HoboSapient shared their creation to the Elden Ring subreddit, garnering huge attention and tens of thousands of upvotes from users wowed by the gargantuan construction.

HoboSapient says that the structure is built from an estimated 5000 – 6000 individual LEGO pieces, and weighs around 30 pounds (that’s about as much as the average three-year-old child).

The internal structure is made from LEGO Technic, the range frequently used for more intricate sets with complex mechanisms or structures.

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