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Genshin Impact Time and Wind quest guide – unlock the two secret sundials

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Genshin Impact has a massive amount of side-quests and hidden achievements. One of these quests, Time and Wind, requires you to travel to a small island not charted on your map and do some detective work to unlock the two secret sundials.

This quest can be done at any time, but we recommend bringing some stat food and a few non-Anemo characters with decent gear before you begin.

Here’s the Time and Wind quest guide to discover the secret of the uninhabited island. Note: While you want non-Anemo characters for the boss fight, make sure Traveler is attuned to Anemo before beginning the trip (or bring an Anemo character with a fast-recharging Elemental Skill.) There are puzzles that require Anemo skills to solve.

There are two ways to reach the island — by having at least 200 stamina and stamina-replenishing food and jumping from Starsnatch Cliff (pictured below,) or by using Kaeya’s Elemental Skill and building an ice bridge from the coastline to the island.

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