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Genshin Impact Paper Theater guide: Day 1, 2, 3 puzzle solutions

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The ongoing Lantern Rite Festival in Genshin Impact has created some interesting puzzles for players. While the very essence of exploration in the game relies a lot on puzzles and mechanics, the brand-new Paper Theater is surely asking for a fair amount of brainwork from the community.Players can access the Paper Theater event via the Lantern Rite event page.

Completing each day's tasks will drop 60 Primogems, 75 festive fevers, 20,000 Mora, and 2 Talent level-up books from Liyue. The following article will guide you through the three different puzzles currently available in the game.The Paper Theater puzzles require players to guide an Oni to their destination.

On the path, however, there will lie several traps that can fail the challenge instantly, and everyone has to start all over again.

The main objective is to watch Oni's movements and shift the platforms accordingly, so it helps them reach their final destination.Homecoming is the title of the Day 1 puzzle within the Paper Theater.

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