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Genshin Impact Mika Ascension Materials list: Talent books and other resources pre-farming guide

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Aspiring Mika mains in Genshin Impact may wish to use a pre-farming guide to help locate all of his Ascension Materials and Talent Level-Up resources.

This article will list the exact quantities Travelers need and how they can obtain them.Everything posted in the sections below is currently obtainable in the live version of Genshin Impact.

The only hard-to-come-by resource would be the Crown of Insight since it's limited to being available in the main event of a Version Update.Let's start with the Ascension Materials first.List of Ascension MaterialsAll Shivada Jade items can be obtained by defeating the following bosses:There's a fair amount of bosses to slay, making this portion pretty simple for Genshin Impact players to follow.Wolfhook is a rare Mondstadt Local Specialty that only grows in the Wolvendom region.

Since you need 168 of them to max out Mika in Genshin Impact, Travelers will have to wait for several resets to get all the Wolfhooks.

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