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Genshin Impact Lotus Head locations: Where to buy and farm

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Lotus Heads are a Local Specialty found in Liyue, with plenty of ways for Genshin Impact players to obtain them. Current methods include:This item is used in a variety of content, ranging from several recipes to being required in some events (like Spices From the West).

It's like most collectibles in the overworld, where players can simply walk up to it and interact with it in order to collect it.This brief guide will cover all possible methods of obtaining this item.The first method that Genshin Impact players should consider is obtaining the Lotus Heads in the wild.

There are 90 spawns, all of which are located throughout Liyue (typically near a water source). The above interactive map will help players pinpoint each specific location (zoom in to get a more precise look).This method is the best way to farm a ton of Lotus Heads quickly, as some of the other methods require the player to wait several days or only obtain a few at a time.There are two vendors that sell this item:They both sell ten Lotus Heads for 300 Mora a piece, their inventory refreshes every three days.

Keep in mind that Bubu Pharmacy doesn't have a marker on the map, so Genshin Impact players should remember that it's the building in the top left section of Liyue Harbor.Genshin Impact players can get anywhere from one to 12 Lotus Heads per Expedition in Dunyu Ruins.

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