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Genshin Impact Horsetail locations: Where to farm and buy

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Genshin Impact players might be looking for Horsetail in the latest Spices from the West event. Even though the teapot realm is still under maintenance, the developers have released the event in version 2.6's third phase.During the Spices from the West event, Travelers are expected to help Nazafarin in her research by making seasonings according to the recipes.

To do this, they naturally need to collect items from the open-world that serve as ingredients.Here is a quick guide for players to complete day 1 of the Spices from the West event in Genshin Impact 2.6.The first recipe is called Where Earth and Water Meet.

Players need 1 Horsetail to make it. Some prominent locations where they can obtain this item are:The Herbalist Gui NPC works at the Bubu Pharmacy owned by Baizhu in Liyue.

For 240 Mora, the NPC will sell one Horsetail but Travelers can stack 10 plants by spending 2400 Mora directly. The stock refreshes every three days.Gui's location has been marked in the image below:The Serenitea Pot is under maintenance but should return soon.

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