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Genshin Impact Fan Creates Real-life Visions

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At the moment, the world of Genshin Impact has seven different elements which represent the seven main nations in the game.

Apart from the Traveler, every other character in the roster character has the ability to control one element with the help of their Vision.A Vision is considered a gift granted to a couple of Genshin Impact characters who were recognized by Teyvat's Gods.

They allow characters to harness elemental energy and turn it into deadly weapons.Genshin Impact Survey Proves New Dendro Archon Nahida is Incredibly PopularGenshin Impact's legends claim that Visions will allow certain characters to ascend to Celestia and attain godhood.

Contrary to popular belief, the shape of each Genshin Impact Vision is not based on the element but on the wielder's region.

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