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Games Inbox: Metal Gear Solid 6 without Hideo Kojima, Wave Race 64 in Mario Kart 9, and Fallout TV

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The Thursday letters page asks whether Horizon Forbidden West has the best graphics on PS5, as one reader recommends XCOM 2 on Switch.To join in with the discussions yourself email it lie I’m not expecting too much from Gamescom next week, or rather the Geoff Keighley thing beforehand, but seeing as he’s pals with Hideo Kojima I figure we might get the official announcement of his new horror game.

That in turn got me thinking about what happened to all the talk of Konami getting back into gaming, with new Silent Hill games and a new Castlevania.Those rumours have been going for years and we’ve not had so much as a hint, whisper, or datamine.

I imagine there’s still a reasonable chance they are coming, even if it’s just a coincidence and nothing to do with the rumours, but it also got me thinking of whether they’d ever dare to make Metal Gear Solid 6 without Kojima.As much as I’d love to play a new game I think it’s probably best to let it stay dead.

Even if they somehow got Kojima to come back (I imagine he likes money, despite it all) I think it’s been too long. Apart from anything I don’t think people are really into stealth games anymore.

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