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Games Inbox: Forgetting the Cyberpunk 2077 launch, Bloodborne PS5 confusion, and Splatoon 3 love

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The Friday letters page is confused as to what Embracer is spending its money on, as one reader suggests scrapping the Splinter Cell remake.To join in with the discussions yourself email second chances I’m seeing a lot of people talking about Cyberpunk 2077 again, now that the Netflix anime is out and the story DLC is on the table.

Does that mean we’re now forgetting the launch it had or, more importantly, the shameful way CD Projekt acted towards both its customers and employees?I’ve never bought the game and while I admit the recent improvement in reputation is making me wonder if it’s worth a go, I’d just rather not give CD Projekt the money.

I feel that they and the industry at large didn’t really learn anything from the whole incident.People thought that it would be a watershed moment, and no other publisher would ever release a broken video game again, but of course they did.

They started doing it just a few months after Cyberpunk 2077.And now CD Projekt is talking about more The Witcher games – the obvious way to recover from their problems.

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