Future Xbox Update Will Let Players Mute Startup Sounds

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A new update has launched, revealing that the ability to mute the system's startup will be coming in the future to Xbox consoles.

While not the most momentous update, it adds one more layer of customization to how the console works, improving Xbox quality of life and likely making players happy.For many gamers, Xbox users included, memories of the startup sound of consoles are likely very strong, but not everyone has enjoyed them.

Many players have likely experienced the trouble of disturbing others with loud console startup sounds, and some have even noted being startled by console startup noises themselves.Xbox Fixing Problem Where Games Crash After Latest UpdateThis update is available now for Xbox Insider users who download the latest Alpha build, 2210.220919-2200.

In the update notes for the release, Xbox explains that those users can now choose to shut off the startup sounds on their Xbox completely by navigating to Settings, General, Volume and Audio Output, and then Additional Options.

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