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Fortnite: How to Plant Saplings at Bomb Crater Clusters

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One Fortnite quest for Week 8 of Chapter 3, Season 2 involves traveling to the burnt craters scattered around Island Artemis and planting saplings there.

This challenge tasks players with visiting the battle-scarred bomb sites left in the wake of Fortnite’s season-long conflict between the Seven and the IO, with the aim of bringing some life back to the ruins.While sounding simple on paper, players will need to keep a close eye on their minimap to attain the 20K XP reward for completing the challenge.

This quest calls into question players’ knowledge of Fortnite’s ever-changing map and encourages thorough exploration of areas fairly devoid of useful loot. This guide will help players find the bomb craters and the location of the planting areas to finish the challenge.Fortnite: Where to Find Helicopters/ChoppasThere are currently five different bomb crater clusters as of Week 8 of Chapter 3, Season 2.

At each one, Loopers can find three different spots to plant saplings, meaning they need only visit one to complete the challenge.There are two craters located south of Greasy Grove, two north of The Daily Bugle, and one southwest of The Joneses.

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