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Forever Skies Preview: Could You Fly A Blimp Through The Post-Apocalypse?

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I scrabble around the wreckage of what used to be my vehicle to try to find some food. My hunger is so bad that I’m having physical reactions now, my stomach cramping as I haven’t eaten anything in hours, probably days.

Even then it was probably radiated or diseased or something else rotten. The climate here is fucked, for want of a better term, and dust storms rage around me as I carry a dying battery across a rickety bridge.

No, this isn’t winter in the UK, this is sci-fi survival game Forever Skies. Developer Far From Home has created an unforgiving experience, which befits the climate apocalypse it is trying to portray, but can be quite frustrating to get the hang of.

I died within the first five minutes of the demo multiple times in a row. Most of the time it was my fault, other times I couldn’t work out where to go (there are hidden stairs), and sometimes it was bugs.

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