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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis To Launch In September

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A September 2022 launch window has just been confirmed for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. This mobile-based spin-off of the extremely popular Final Fantasy VII was announced alongside a slew of other Final Fantasy projects last February, and will serve as a miniature re-telling of not only the beloved 1997 original, but every other game and storyline in the expanded universe known as the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7.

This includes spin-off titles like Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, and even the 2006 CGI feature film Advent Children — all of which built upon the story of Cloud Strife and his rag-tag collection of friends as they battled to protect their planet from threats like the unscrupulous Shinra Electric Power Company and the renegade SOLIDER Sephiroth.

Aside from retelling the entire Compilation of Final Fantasy VII in a single game, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will allow players to mix and match characters from across the saga in their own “dream team” parties to take on bosses and other challenges in a special game mode.

Like plenty of other mobile games, Ever Crisis will also feature a «gacha» system that lets players unlock various weapons and alternate costumes, each with special bonuses and stats boosts.

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