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FIFA 23 TOTY 83+ x3 Attackers Upgrade SBC: Best and worst rewards you can receive

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The TOTY 83+ x3 Attackers Upgrade SBC is quite an exciting proposition in FIFA 23, given its timing in Ultimate Team mode. Usually, such an SBC will grab a little attention, as the potential rewards won't be extraordinary.

However, the timing is perfect for those, and it has to do with the ongoing promo.Resource-item SBCs tend to be less prevalent since their rewards depend on luck.

There needs to be clarity on what players can get, and most offer player packs in return. Despite the lower popularity, these SBCs are essential for players to improve their Ultimate Team squad.

They're easy to complete and don't usually require too many coins for fodder.That being said, the valuation of the TOTY 83+ x3 Attackers Upgrade SBC increases simply because of the ongoing promo.

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