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Fiery asteroid rushing towards Earth; terrifying rock speeding at a SCORCHING 92115 kmph

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In case you didn't know, space is full of celestial objects, out of which only a few have been discovered. Asteroids are some of these mysterious objects.

Most of them can be found orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter within the main asteroid belt. Although they are found millions of light years away, some get knocked out of their orbits and make a close trip to Earth.

Now, NASA has warned that an astonishing asteroid is on its way. How do they do that? NASA keeps a watch on these asteroids by studying data collected by various telescopes and observatories such as the Pan-STARRS, the Catalina Sky Survey and the NEOWISE telescope.NASA has issued an alert about an asteroid named Asteroid 2022 WG1 which is headed straight for Earth today, November 22.

According to NASA, this speeding asteroid will come fearfully close close to the Earth today. It will be just 1.7 million kilometers away from Earth at its closest approach.While its close proximity is a worry, another astonishing thing about it is its staggering speed.

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