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56-foot asteroid set to get very close to Earth today, says NASA; Is it dangerous?

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If you thought asteroids have never struck the Earth, then you're mistaken. Not only have asteroids struck the Earth more than once in the last billion years, but some of them have even changed the course of history.

These space rocks are also the reason behind the extinction of dinosaurs. Terrifyingly, one struck Earth on the November 18, 2022!

Read story here. But how can asteroid impact craters, which struck the Earth thousands of years ago be identified? In an astonishing development, a team of international researchers identified the previous impact sites of asteroids using CSI crime solving techniques.

But before that, know about this asteroid which is headed directly for Earth, as warned by NASA.The asteroid, named Asteroid 2022 WA2 will fly past Earth today, November 25.

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