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Fallout London Demo Reveals New Characters, Weapons, & Quests

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The massive Fallout 4 mod called Fallout: London has been treated to a demo that includes new characters, weapons, and quests.

Since the mod was revealed over a year ago, it’s been gradually attracting the community’s growing attention. Fallout: London was officially revealed in July 2021, demonstrating a grim picture of a post-apocalyptic future in the war-torn capital of the United Kingdom.

Since then, the team behind the project has shared a lot of information regarding the DLC-sized mod. In terms of fitting the official timeline, the mod's events take place between Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

Since the chosen area is located outside the US, there won’t be any returning factions or most of the mutants. Instead, Fallout: London will offer a look at a completely different society that has survived the nuclear apocalypse in unique circumstances.

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