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Fallout Fan Makes Impressive Brotherhood of Steel LED Sign

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A lot of Bethesda's RPGs often involve factions dotted throughout the world in order to give the player some choice in who they want to side with throughout the main events of the game.

Skyrim has the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and more that can all be joined in its major side quests, and Bethesda's latest game Starfield will also include multiple factions that the player can side with or ignore. Fallout is no different, and from the Minutemen to The Children of Atom, a wanderer through the nuclear apocalypse has plenty of friends and enemies to make.One of the most popular Fallout factions is the Brotherhood of Steel.

Formed initially by members of the United States Armed Forces before the Great War that created the Fallout setting, the Brotherhood of Steel have multiple chapters spanning all across the U.S.

and have appeared in every game in the post-apocalyptic franchise. The Brotherhood of Steel is a techno-religious military order that wants to regain technology of the old world and have strict control over it.Fallout 4 Fan Creates Replica Pipe RevolverIt may be the case, then, that the Brotherhood of Steel would want to hold onto one Redditor's tribute to the faction.

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