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Fall Guys is the Perfect Battle Royale Game For Nintendo Switch

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Fall Guys has been in the news a lot recently, and for good reason. Its free-to-play releases has been both exciting and controversial, as while it has rejuvenated the game by bringing in a whole new group of players, Fall Guys’ free-to-play battle pass has angered many.

Alongside this major shift for the game, Mediatonic has brought it to more platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.WhileFall Guys may not look as good on the Switch as it does on other platforms, there are some massive upsides to this version of the bean-centric game show.

If fans are looking for an entertaining battle royale experience that is just as easy to play on the Switch as it is on other platforms, Fall Guys is more than worth the download.Best Games To Play If You Like Fall GuysAs mentioned above, Fall Guys on Switch is a step-down visually from the versions seen on other consoles, which is understandable.

With so many beans on screen and so much movement going on, the Switch’s limited graphical capabilities do lead to a game with some visual flaws.

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