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Embracer co-founder addresses the Saints Row reboot’s poor reception

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It seems safe to say that fans and critics did not take the new Saints Row reboot too kindly. Not only did players encounter numerous technical problems, but they also generally did not find the gameplay, story, or dialogue all that engaging.

Lars Wingefors, the co-founder of developer Volition’s parent company Embracer Group, recently acknowledged the underwhelming performance of the new Saints Row, saying that he hoped the gaming public’s reception would have been more favorable than it was.

Wingefors specifically stated that although he remains pleased to see that many fans still enjoyed Saints Row, he nonetheless feels a little upset that so many other players did not enjoy it.

He went on to confirm that Saints Row will receive more content and bug fixes further down the line. Additionally, he still expressed confidence in the game’s potential to become profitable at some point, which would help Embracer recover from its 7% share drop that came after the title’s release.

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