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Elon Musk's Bot Detector Calls His Own Twitter Account A Bot

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Elon Musk’s now infamous Botometer seems to have flagged his own Twitter account as a bot. The news comes from a response by Twitter to the billionaire’s latest bid to get out of purchasing the social media platform, filed with the Delaware Court of Chancery in the form of a 127-page document saying that Musk's claims about bots are "contradicted by the evidence and common sense." "According to Musk, he — the billionaire founder of multiple companies, advised by Wall Street bankers and lawyers — was hoodwinked by Twitter into signing a $44 billion merger agreement," Twitter said in the statement. "This story is as implausible and contrary to fact as it sounds.

And it is just that — a story, imagined in an effort to escape a merger agreement that Musk no longer found attractive once the stock market — and along with it, his massive personal wealth — declined in value." RELATED: Elon Musk Needs To Stop Going To Mars And Start Getting Good At Elden Ring Musk has been defending his attempt to break the agreement with Twitter by questioning the company’s assertion that less than five percent of its daily active users are in fact bots.

The social media platform noted that Musk used a website to find that bots “constitute at least ten percent” of Twitter's daily active users, but remarked how "Musk is not measuring the same thing as Twitter or even using the same data as Twitter." According to Twitter, Musk can “produce a higher estimate only by running a dataset neither limited to nor inclusive of daily active users through a generic web tool that designated his own Twitter account a likely bot.

The result is a distortion that Musk is hoping will nonetheless make waves.” The company went on to describe how Musk used "an

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