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Elden Ring Glitch Has Player Standing at Site of Grace

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Earlier this year, Elden Ring was met with critical praise and an adoring fan base after it hit store shelves.

Thus far, Elden Ringhas reportedly sold over 13.4 million copies and is the FromSoftware's fastest-selling game. Like previous games made by the studio, it is notable for its high difficulty and depressing setting.

Unfortunately, at the time of its initial release, the game was also known for being rather buggy.The PC version of the game bore the majority of the criticism, as the Steam version of Elden Ringwas initially met with mixed reviews because of performance issues.

Many of these issues have since been patched out, and the current Steam reviews for the game are listed as «Very Positive.» However, regardless of how many times a developer patches a game, some issues and quirks will remain.Elden Ring Clip Shows How a High Intelligence Build Can Make Captain Niall Boss Fight Super EasySinceElden Ring was released, players have shared their own encounters with the game's bizarre quirks and glitches.

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