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EA Patent Could Address Input Delay Advantages in Online Games

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There are many different types of online servers used in video games, though the two most common are dedicated and peer-to-peer.

Both have their own pros and cons, but the latter, which involves one player acting as the host while the rest connect directly to them, is generally considered to be the worst of the two due to the huge advantages that can come from being selected as the session's host.Given that the host's inputs do not need to be sent and received to a remote server in order to be processed, they're often able to respond much more quickly than other players.

It's for this reason that many gamers prefer to play on dedicated servers, though the higher cost of doing so often leads developers to go down the peer-to-peer route instead.

Thankfully, some have at least tried to come up with ways to minimize the host's advantage, as evidenced by a recently-published patent from EA.EA Single-Player Tweet Stirs Internal Controversy for PublisherThe patent describes a system that would see artificial input lag used to ensure that every player's inputs take the same amount of time to process.

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