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Dual Universe review - A clunky but open voxel MMORPG

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Dual Universe is a really fascinating concept in MMOs. Instead of having a variety of servers, there’s one vast universe where all players come together and play in one shared sandbox.

It’s also a Voxel MMO, in the shade of something like Trove, but unlike that particular MMO, you can build anything from a house to a space station.Frankly, I respect what this MMO is doing, and it’s a very interesting idea.

However, it does kind of fall flat for me in several places. Whether it’s the lack of NPCs, the world feeling ‌empty, and feeling unoptimized, there are some hurdles to overcome.I can see where people can find a lot of fun in it.

The voxel building system is unique and pretty detailed. The possibilities are endless in Dual Universe.Back in 2016, Dual Universe was revealed by Novaquark’s then-CEO in the pre-alpha state.

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