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Did Sonic 3 have music by Michael Jackson? Tweets from Yuji Naka indicate so

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Michael Jackson's involvement with Sonic 3 has been a long-standing gaming rumor for fans of the series. The iconic late singer was not credited in any game version, and there were multiple speculations about why.Although there has been no official confirmation regarding the same, the former Sonic Team lead Yuji Naka might have let slip that Michael Jackson indeed had a hand in the music for Sonic 3.The conversation springs from the release of Sonic Origins, a video game compilation from SEGA which allows players to relive the classic gameplay of the first four platform games in the long-running series.

For the remaster collection, a part of the Sonic 3 original soundtrack had to be replaced, wherein it was speculated that SEGA had run into licensing issues with Jackson's estate.Yuji Naka began the conversation with him, wondering if the new collection title had the original soundtrack for Sonic 3 or if it had been changed.

Upon realizing it was the latter, a surprised Naka commented by saying that it had indeed changed even though SEGA Official uses Michael Jackson's music.He later clarified that by saying that SEGA Official uses Michael Jackson's music, which refers to the TikTok video the company released in celebration of the Speedster's 31st birthday, which had an MJ song.

Naka further stated that he felt his words had been misunderstood, possibly because he did not speak English and was using a translation tool.But the fact that he introduced a mention of Michael Jackson's music while discussing Sonic 3 was enough to send fans into a tizzy.

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