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Yuji Naka seemingly confirms (and unconfirms) Michael Jackson’s involvement in Sonic 3 in one sitting [Updated]

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[Updated on June 23 @ 12:38 PM ET]: In a follow-up to his tweet, Naka backtracked his initial statement, in which he seemingly confirmed Michael Jackson’s involvement in the Sonic 3 soundtrack.

Saying he is “being misunderstood a lot,” Naka says his tweet was in reference to Sega using Jackson’s music in the TikTok video mentioned in the article below.

Did Naka let the cat out of the bag and then try to reel it in? Or was his intention sarcasm all along? Supposedly, we’ll never truly know.

The mystery may linger even further, perhaps for another decade or so. The original article, published on June 23, is as follows.

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