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Diablo Immortal fan turns 600 million WoW gold into microtransactions

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Maxing out your character in Diablo Immortal can get very expensive – as one player found after spending over $15,000 to get one max rank legendary gem – but one cunning fan has found a rather unique approach, converting over 600 million WoW gold into Blizzard credit to spend on the RPG game’s microtransactions.

Reddit user daymeeuhn posted about their endeavours, explaining how they sold off a wealth of old BlizzCon mounts to fund their search for gems. “I had a bunch of leftover loot cards from years ago, when Blizzard gave them out at BlizzCon events,” explains daymeeuhn. “Trying to sell them was near impossible as you get scammed on digital sales so frequently.

They ended up sitting in a drawer collecting dust for ages.” With the arrival of Diablo Immortal on PC, they realised that if they turned these into in-game gold, they could buy WoW tokens from the MMORPG’s auction house, which can then be converted into $15 of Blizzard store credit per token. “I spent the month of May flipping some old codes for Spectral Tigers and what have you in-game for gold,” daymeeuhn continues, clarifying that this process is fair game under World of Warcraft’s TOS and that they never involved any real-money transactions. “I had no interest in trying to sell any of the gold for USD, as it’s very difficult to do and it’s quite easy to get banned.” By the end of the experiment, they ended up with 6,497 total runes collected across a total of 2,165 elder rifts – which adds up to a total of about $48,648 spent, or 3,243 WoW tokens.

Daymeeuhn notes that there’s a daily throttle on redeeming the tokens, meaning that the process took a total of three weeks to complete – they even managed to clean out the auction house’s entire stock of tokens

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