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Destiny 2 players pitch ideas on focusing Legacy gear and reworking Ada-1

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Destiny 2 has undergone many changes within the last few days of Season 19. To grant accessibilities, Bungie has unlocked all the standard mods in the game, granting players infinite access to builds and load-outs.

Due to this, however, the role of Ada-1 seems to have diminished quite a lot, with the Black Armory vendor's sole purpose being transmog.A recent post on Reddit suggests an alternate function of her inventory, since the mods are pretty much worthless on the vendor.

Bungie has also announced a way to focus on Legacy gear from Season 20, as players can find the post on October 20's TWAB last year.Since legacy gear has already been confirmed, players think that Bungie should make Ada-1 more relevant in the game, making her the primary vendor for the function.The legacy focus has always been the center of discussion, especially since the mass sunset with the Beyond Light expansion.

Players have always tried to replace the vaulted gear with new ones that get introduced with each season. However, after a year, all weapons get vaulted and replaced by a new season.Starting Lightfall, it seems Bungie will be introducing a focus system based solely on Legacy gear from past seasons.

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