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Deliver Us The Moon Review: Even If You Miss, You’ll Land Among The Stars

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Racing against a dust storm to launch a rocket while a timer loudly ticks down has a distinctly Interstellar vibe to it. I’m a lone astronaut, tasked with venturing to the Moon to discover why a crucial power transmitter and an entire colony have gone dark.

The fate of the world rests in my hands and my hands alone. Like I said, Interstellar vibes. Deliver Us The Moon’s current-gen upgrade is here, ahead of the sequel’s September 27 launch date.

Does it hit its mark, fall among the stars, or break up in orbit? The main appeal of any puzzle game is, drum roll please, its puzzles.

For the first half of the game, Deliver Us The Moon contains a variety of engaging obstacles that introduce new mechanics in ways that don’t feel like tutorialising - a hard feat for any game to pull off.

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