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Dead Space Remake Should Add Some Necromorphs From The Sequels

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The Dead Space franchise is one of the most iconic horror properties in video games for a few reasons. Brilliant sound design and art direction brought the USG Ishimura and the locations featured in the sequels to life, while Isaac Clarke stood out for his eye-catching RIG suits and engineering background.

Unique weapons and some great lore helped too, but above everything, it was the Necromorphs that made Dead Space such a success.While the lineup of Necromorphs in the originalDead Space is solid, many more foes were introduced in the sequels, and a few of these stand out as the most fun enemies to fight in the entire franchise.

EA Motive has shown that it is willing to make changes to the original game if it improves the experience, like having Isaac talk in instances where it makes sense for him to respond.

As such, the developer should continue using its creative freedom to expand the Necromorph lineup in the remake.The Case for a Dead Space 2 Remake After the OriginalInstead of taking a risk and designing some fully new Necromorphs, EA Motive should focus on bringing back some of Visceral Games’ later additions to the Dead Space series.

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