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Dark John Wick Theory Explains The Meaning Of Each Movie (& Sets Up Chapter 5)

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A dark theory has potentially explained the meaning of every John Wick movie and also set up just what could happen in John Wick: Chapter 5.

John Wick: Chapter 3's ending was thrilling, and it was revealed back in 2020 that there would be at least two more movies, with Chapter 4 set to release in 2023.

Although there has been no confirmation that these will be the final two movies, the new theory would suggest that they are indeed the last, and would shine a new light on the real meaning of the John Wick movies as a whole.

Despite all the stunning action and the fact that John Wickis a ruthless assassin, the core of the movie revolves around his grief over the death of his wife, Helen, after she passes away from a terminal illness.

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