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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is CDPR’s biggest-budget DLC to date

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Cyberpunk 2077‘s upcoming expansion, Phantom Liberty, will have a bigger budget than any other CD Projekt Red DLC to date, it’s been claimed.In an article by Polish financial newspaper Parkiet (via Wccftech), CD Projeky investor relations manager Marek Bugdoł reportedly stated that the DLC would be the biggest in the studio’s history in terms of budget.Bugdoł also reportedly claimed that the studio was comfortable with the current state of the expansion’s development.“We hope that the new adventures and characters will attract those who are already familiar with Cyberpunk and also encourage many new players to start playing Night City,” he said.Phantom Liberty is “a spy-thriller expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 set in an all new district of Night City”, according to CD Projekt Red.The expansion will star acclaimed actor Idris Elba as Solomon Reed, an FIA Agent for the New United States of America.It was previously announced that Sasha Grey will also star in the DLC.

She will voice Ash, a radio DJ on the in-game station 89.7 Growl FM.The expansion will also see the return of Johnny Silverhand, the character played by Keanu Reeves, alongside a new cast of characters.The studio confirmed in September that Phantom Liberty was the only planned expansion for Cyberpunk 2077, though after its release the next Cyberpunk game, Project Orion, will begin development at a new US-based studio called CD Projekt Red North America.Cyberpunk 2077 was billed as one of the biggest titles of the last console generation, but things went badly wrong for it at release.

After three delays, the highly anticipated RPG released for PC and consoles with a host of technical problems, resulting in refunds being offered and the game being pulled from the

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