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Cyber Monday gaming deals LIVE: Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X Discounts

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«Okay, Jules,» you shout at your screen. «I've got an SSD for my PS5, what now?». Well, I'm glad you asked so shoutily. While one of the best SSD for PS5 is your first port of call, the next add-on you can buy for your console that will significantly improve your gaming experience is… still isn't a second DualSense controller.

Sorry co-op buddies, the focus is on solo gaming first.You want to consider getting yourself a headset that provides 3D audio.

When Sony first revealed the PS5, it bigged up the console's SSD and its immersive sound. Thing is, while you feel the benefits of the SSD with every game, you only get to experience 3D audio with a compatible TV or headset.

And it really is a game-changing feature.However, while 3D audio is available on some televisions, that's quite an expensive way to access the feature, it's much more affordable to get yourself a decent headset – especially when they're in the Cyber Monday deals.We highly recommend Sony's own PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset.

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