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Cult Of The Lamb: The Best Ways To Gain Faith

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Although players need Devotion and Loyalty to unlock new structures and traits in Cult of the Lamb, the Faith stat is just as important.

Much like the Hunger and Sickness meters, players will need to keep their Faith meter as full as possible at all times. Bad things can happen within the Cult if the Lamb loses too much Faith, including the introduction of some frustratingly annoying Dissenters.

Left unchecked, Dissenters will throw the entire cult into disarray, threatening to convert more Followers to their side and eventually leaving the Cult entirely.Cult Of The Lamb: The Best Ways To Gain Devotion FastTo make matters worse, Followers that leave the Cult will take Gold or materials with them.

Players that spend too much time Crusading, without checking in on their Cult Faith levels could end up with empty homes and Gold coffers when they return.

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