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"Confirmed community name after seven years"- Valkyrae finally came up with a title for her streaming community

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After seven long years in the streaming industry, YouTube Gaming sensation Rachell "Valkyrae" finally came up with a nickname for her dedicated fanbase.

During a recent broadcast, while queuing for Valorant with fellow 100 Thieves members, the streamer had a rather interesting name for her community, much to everyone's delight.Valkyrae is one of the top female creators in the world, with a big part of her success attributed to her loyal fanbase.

From sticking by her side during controversies to celebrating her achievements, the streamer's community has always stood strong.Having expressed her gratitude on countless occasions, she wanted to address her community with a nickname:Streaming phenomenon Valkyrae has returned from her long streaming hiatus and is back to her usual streaming schedule.

The August 6, 2022 broadcast saw her indulge in a Valorant match alongside close friends and fellow streamers. However, the conversation took an interesting turn when she officially came up with a name for her community.Promising her followers a Reddit recap livestream, Valkyrae stated:The 30-year-old streamer then went on to officially confirm the new name of her fanbase, much to her viewers' surprise:However, Sykkuno instantly reminded her that she had already used that name somewhere else:The variety streamer was quick to respond:Feeling confused, Kkatamina couldn't help but ask:Without wasting any more time, Valkyrae instantly replied:As expected, fans have reacted to the video in jest, with many coming up with a different set of nicknames for the community.

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