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Company of Heroes 3 Gets Delayed to 2023

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Real-time strategy fans looking forward to sinking their teeth into the World War II action of Relic Entertainment’s upcoming Company of Heroes 3 will have to wait a bit longer to join the battle following the announcement that the game's release date has been pushed to 2023.

Company of Heroes 3 is the latest entry in the long-running franchise that has earned a special place in the hearts of fans due to its unique take on the RTS genre.Company of Heroes 3 was announced in the summer of 2021 and lets players take control of a squad of soldiers as they fight on the battlefields of North Africa and Italy.

The first Company of Heroes game was released on PC in 2006 and received praised for adding innovative new features to a genre that had grown stale after the golden age of RTS games in the 1990s.

Featuring fully destructible environments, gameplay where players capture resource points to grow their armies, and a camera system that let players zoom all the way down to battlefield level to view the chaos up close, Company of Heroes established a winning formula that would continue in the game’s expansions and sequels.Rumor: Minecraft is Getting an RTS Spin-offCiting concerns among the development team that the game wasn't meeting their quality standards or those of series fans, the official Company of Heroes Twitter account announced that Company of Heroes 3's release date has been moved to February 23rd, 2023.

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