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Capcom Fighting Collection is getting a free update that adds viewable hitboxes

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A Capcom Fighting Collection update is on the way, and will feature several quality-of life enhancements like viewable hitboxes.

Due out on all platforms on September 27, Capcom has boasted the following updates: So the first one is obviously the crown jewel, as it’ll allow players to view more technical information when training, presumably across the entire array of games in the collection.

It’ll be fascinating to see if any new tech arises from some of the more obscure titles in those scenes. Gem color options for Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is just how it sounds, and seems like an aesthetic update, but will actually add more options for colorblind players.

The network connection status addition will be more helpful, especially since Capcom is teasing that it works while viewing potential matches in lobbies.

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