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Blizzard Dev Discusses What Will Happen to Loot Boxes and Current Currencies When Overwatch 2 Launches

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After being officially announced during BlizzCon 2019, Overwatch 2 has seemingly had a bit of a rollercoaster development cycle.

Following the initial reveal, the game suddenly went dark for years, leaving fans wondering about the state of the game, especially with numerous high profile developers departing the project and Blizzard like Jeff Kaplan.

However, things have seemingly shifted in a much more positive direction, with Blizzard not only showcasing more about the game, but giving it an actual release date as well.With an October release date set for the game's PvP mode as well as being confirmed as free to play, there are some lingering questions the community has regarding Overwatch 2.

Although not free to play, the first Overwatch made heavy use of microtransactions and loot boxes, two aspects of the gaming industry that have come under fire from both fans, critics, and even government bodies from countries like Belgium.Overwatch 2 Confirms Everything That Will Be in the BetaIn response, Blizzard previously announced that loot boxes are no longer a part of Overwatch 2, being replaced by a typical seasonal battle pass system seen in numerous live service style games.

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