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Beware of 'Rs. 50' WhatsApp scam! Criminals using fake jobs trick to steal money

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WhatsApp has become a very big medium for scammers to try and steal money from people. With the majority of people having WhatsApp installed on their phone, criminals get a chance to connect with them easily.

Also, at a time when joblessness is high, scammers have started taking advantage of the situation by offering fake job opportunities.

A huge number of people have been duped out of their money by these scamsters through these online scams and now, we have heard of the latest one, the so-called 'Rs.

50 per like' scam.Recently, it has been reported that scammers send chats to people about job opportunities. When someone asks them what the job is about, they say it is about "liking" YouTube videos and getting paid for it.

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