Beacon Pines Developers Talk Branching Narrative and Multiple Endings

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With this week being the first few days of fall for the year, many gamers are looking for new cozy titles to play as days get shorter and Halloween approaches, and the newly released Beacon Pines fits this category quite well.

Beacon Pines is made by Hiding Spot Games' Matt Meyer, Brent Calhoun, and Ilse Harting, and it tells the story of an anthropomorphic deer and his group of friends who are dealing with mysterious events in their hometown.

Unlike the prototype for the game, which was a rhythm-based RPG battler, Beacon Pines is instead completely combat-free, and it relies on branching storylines.Beacon Pines acts as a magic storybook where players can explore the events surrounding the titular town and the group of characters in it as they learn more about the overarching mystery, the disappearance of Luka's mother, and more.

This isn't a one-and-done story, however, as every path does have its own choices, consequences, and things to uncover along the way, including the game's main item: charms.

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