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Atlanta Season 4 Episode 3 Review

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After bringing the cast back home in its season premiere, Atlanta shifts gears to pick the brain of its two main characters, Earn and Al, whose diverging career paths and newfound financial comfort push them to take on new challenges, no matter undesirable they may seem.In this case, it’s Al who gets to star in Atlanta’s “Born 2 Die”, a title that’s both a riff on the popular hip-hop motto or maybe a nod to one of Prince’s last recorded songs, but more importantly the name of the hit single from one of the «colorful» artists that provide most of this episode’s comedy.

See, this entry doesn’t take long to get going, as Paper Boi’s fame has made him a desirable act on Atlanta’s fanciest bar mitzvahs, which in turn lands him the opportunity of a lifetime to coach a young man’s coming of age ritual into the world of rap.Related: Atlanta: 10 Best Episodes Of Season 1 & 2Fortunately, Brian Tyree Henry gets to flaunt his acting range in Bullet Train or other films and shows, however, here in Atlanta Al is always gonna be Al, a short-tempered man of few words who has to endure a difficult relationship with the music industry because, well, Paper Boi’s gotta make money somehow.

A million dollars is enough to get Paper Boi to set foot in the same studio as Benny, Lil’ Rick Moranis, Yodel Kid, and the latter’s pregnant girlfriend, none of which seem to have what it takes to write a proper hook or a few verses.It’s here where Al meets Bunk, a fellow rap connoisseur that briefs him on the importance of musicians securing a financial future, and although his dismissiveness of regular investments like stocks makes him seem like he’s about to get Al into crypto, the YWA is something much more interesting.

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