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As Dusk Falls: Safe Code in Episode 1

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At the beginning of As Dusk Falls from Jay's perspective, he's given a code with four numbers on it. Players will think to themselves «Sure, this will be easy to remember,» and then, after several action scenes, will naturally forget about that little scrap.As Dusk Falls: How to Save JayNo worries, this guide is here to help.

There is an obvious spoiler warning here for As Dusk Falls since gamers will succeed at something they should have failed at.

There is a brief section at the end of this article talking about what happens if Jay fails.As Dusk Falls is a captivating game that seems to come from inspired movies about robberies, hostages, crossroads, and a blend of the standard black and white morality.

Forgetting the code can feel like the main character is more disappointing than usual. Don't let Jay forget and punch 5926 in.As Dusk Falls: How to Save VinceIf Jay does this correctly, he'll get some brief kudos from Dale.

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