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Apocalypse Lost Genshin Impact quest guide: How to unlock, Chess piece activation device locations, and steps

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Apocalypse Lost is a Genshin Impact quest series that requires players to do a ton of things in order to unlock it. Travelers must find five chess pieces to get started.

However, before they obtain all five of these items, they have to go through The Falcon's Hunt, which requires the following quest series:It will take players several hours just to get everything done if they haven't even started Golden Slumber.

That said, just completing the quests isn't enough to get started with Apocalypse Lost. Travelers still need to open five Exquisite Chests that are available while doing The Dirge of Bilqis and The Falcon's Hunt.Note: Apocalypse Lost only has one quest in its series: Memories of Gurabad.Four of the five chess pieces can be obtained while you do the Dirge of Biqis quest series, whereas the fifth one can be acquired after you complete The Falcon's Hunt.

Here's how you can get all pieces:King Deshret's Pillar is the hardest one to get in Genshin Impact since it's not the most intuitive to see compared to the remaining four.

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