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"Another Riot Games classic": League of Legends fans are displeased as pre-season 2023 jungle changes might have made the role too easy

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League of Legends along with pre-season 2023 added quite a lot of changes to the game. However, fans and players feel that the jungle role might have been made way too easy with these changes.The players feel that Riot Games is spoonfeeding newer players and that they are ensuring that at least the early game goes smoothly for every jungler irrespective of skill level.

Changes to how camps function, recommended pathing, and leash timers might have been a bit overkill with regard to teaching newcomers about the intricacies of the role.This does not mean that the scope for skill expression is gone since better players will make more efficient use of these changes.

However, this ensures that the whole concept of learning through hardships has been thrown out of the window by Riot Games.As mentioned previously, League of Legends fans are not very happy with the changes that have been brought into the jungle role.

Recommended jungle pathing allows players to know which camps to prioritize without even putting much effort into learning the champion.The brand-new leash timers allow players to understand how much they can pull the camp before it resets.

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